What Diet to Follow with the Feel Great System

What to eat with the feel great system
morning drink unimate - feel great system

7-9am (Breakfast)

Start your morning with Unicity Unimate. This will boost your morning’s focus and energy without breaking your fast from the past night.

Lunch - drink Balance - feel great system

12pm (Lunch)

Have a Unicity Balance before your lunch to slow down the impact of any carbohydrates you may consume.

Dinner - drink Balance - feel great system

6-8pm (Dinner)

Have another Balance before your dinner to slow the impact of the carbohydrate you may consume to help you through the upcoming fasting period.

Sleep - Fasting Starts overnight

8pm (bedtime)

Start your fasting after dinner and wait 16 hours before your next meal. This will be easy since you had Unimate and Balance in the day.

A common question is “what do i eat with the Feel Great System“. We’re so used to this diet culture of “okay i’m ready to cut everything out i need a cookie cutter meal plan”… with the Feel Great system it’s different.

It’s not called the feel great diet, or the feel great program it’s called a feel great system because it’s a system made up of 2 products UNIMATE and BALANCE, and not a diet or a program. You can follow this with whatever diet you choose if you want to be vegan, vegetarian, eat a hispanic diet, indian diet, you have tools to consistently add what’s missing in your diet now.

How to Get the Fastest Results with the Feel Great System

If you want to maximize the results here’s five principles you can follow.

Make sure you take Unicity balance with every meal that you eat

By taking Unicity Balance you’re adding fibers, plant nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It’s not just about controlling carbs but it’s about giving your gut the fibers protecting your liver and nourishing your body consistently.

Take Unimate while fasting.

Unimate is not just a hunger suppressant, it actually turns on the genes in your body to help your body burn fat for fuel. Studies have shown unimate to increase fat burning by 24%. So now your body’s burning fat for energy you’re not hungry, but there’s also effects on your mind you feel like you want to get things done you want to do more be more that’s unimate. For you plus you have clean energy and it’s not addictive and you don’t get a dependence on it unlike coffee.

Prioritize protein in Meals

The older you get the more protein you need. We don’t get enough protein in our diet high quality protein sources i’m not talking about vegetable protein sources i’m talking about animal protein sources like dairy and chicken and fish the only plant-based protein source that’s
actually a high quality protein source is soy and if you want to do that fermented soy sources or whole soy sources like edamame and tofu are great.

Avoid drinking your carbs

Avoid fruit juices and sodas, don’t fall for these cold pressed juices. you’re just consuming pure sugar this stuff affects your liver it’s not good for you we’re designed to eat fruits and vegetables with fibers. Plus the stuff that you’re buying in the in the grocery store most of it’s just artificial sugar so do not drink your carbs eat your carbs. now it’s life once in a while you’ll want a fresh fruit fruit smoothie or a fruit juice like let’s say freshly squeezed orange juice or you’re on vacation. what i do in those instances i take a balance before and i’ve just added in exactly what’s been stripped out so i can drink it without feeling guilty. But you don’t want to make it a part of your routine.

Change your cooking oils

Make sure you’re using high quality healthy fats. none of these synthetic seed oils for your cooking these are toxic they oxidize they cause insulin resistance. stick to high quality fats and the rule is if you can squeeze it and you can visualize oil coming out of it then eat it. for example avocados, coconuts, olives, animal fats, like butter are great too. you never see oil coming out of corn or vegetables or sunflowers or grape seeds these five principles will ensure the best results with the Feel Great System. Have more questions? check out the FAQ.

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– Sadman Z.

*Results will vary by individual.

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