Unimate and Balance

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The two key products of the Feel Great System.

Unimate and Balance by Unicity Canada
Unimate and Balance by Unicity Canada

What are Unimate and Balance?

The all new Unimate and Balance in Canada is the simplified solution-in-a-box to fat loss, hunger control and better health.

It’s made simple by taking 2 drinks a day and eating in a certain window of time – no special diet required. Very simple, and highly effective. See how this simple system works for you to achieve your health goals in 2023.

Get the Benefits of:

  • Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar levels*
  • Superior Fat Loss & Energy
  • Healthy appetite suppression*
  • Improved digestion*
  • Mental focus and clarity*
  • A simple sustainable lifestyle routine

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Unimate and Balance Keeps It Simple and Efffective.

Unicitys’ Unimate and Balance are made to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This approach is simple. Eat the foods that you love, and take 2 simple products: UNIMATE + Unicity BALANCE that make this easy.

Simple The Feel Great System - Canada

How Unimate and Balance Work Together

Unicitys’ Unimate and Balance products are simple system to follow. Wake up and start the morning with a delicious Unimate drink to get the day started in a powerful way. Then, take Unicity Balance 5 to 15 minutes before your meals and eat your regular food. No dieting, No counting anything. This simple combination does all the work.

How the Feel Great System Works

Unimate and Balance are also known as the “Feel Great system” which is an evidence-based system by Unicity, with two scientifically designed food-based products that work together to control hunger, cravings, improve energy, mood, and support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Of course, if you have weight to lose – that falls as a positive side effect.

✓ Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
✓ Supports healthy cholesterol*
✓ Promotes healthy digestion*
✓ Improves mental focus and clarity*
✓ There is NO NEED to diet. (No pills, no calorie counting/measuring required)*
✓ Enjoy foods that you love*
✓ Simple and sustainable lifestyle routine*

Want to see what others say? Take a look at our customer reviews and video testimonials.

The Daily Routine

morning drink unimate - feel great system

7-9am (Breakfast)

Start your morning with Unicity Unimate. This will boost your morning’s focus and energy without breaking your fast from the past night.

Lunch - drink Balance - feel great system

12pm (Lunch)

Have a Unicity Balance before your lunch to slow down the impact of any carbohydrates you may consume.

Dinner - drink Balance - feel great system

6-8pm (Dinner)

Have another Balance before your dinner to slow the impact of the carbohydrate you may consume to help you through the upcoming fasting period.

Sleep - Fasting Starts overnight

8pm (bedtime)

Start your fasting after dinner and wait 16 hours before your next meal. This will be easy since you had Unimate and Balance in the day.

Recent Review from a Customer

“Loosing over 36 inches off my body & 50 pounds have been a wonderful side effect…”*

– Jacqueline R.

*Results will vary by individual.

Benefits of Unimate and Balance

Unimate Unicity Canada

Unicity Unimate

This is highly concentrated yerba mate drink contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to:
Improve mood
Boost energy
Heighten mental clarity
Suppress appetite
Plus, it’s sugar free!

Balance - Unicity Canada

Unicity Balance

Balance is the smart solution to balanced nutrition. This patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds are specifically designed to:

Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer
Promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption
Provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals

Buy Unimate and Balance and Get Back to Optimal You.

Unimate and Balance by Unicity Canada

Learn about what possible side-effects from Unicity Balance may occur.

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